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Main objectives are security of business entities as part of the economic security of Ukraine, providing services to protect and support Iunnyh transport, public entities and individuals to protect their rights and interests, protection of property and individuals against unlawful encroachments, assistance law enforcement and other government agencies to ensure law and order and fighting crime.

Advantages: experience, professionalism, quality, compliance order to performed tasks, efficiency and strict adherence to commitments and timely fulfillment of, respect for partners and popularity.

Limited Liability Company "Private security" Vityaz "(license MIA of Ukraine" Providing services to protect property and citizens "Series AE

№ 184722 from 07.12.2012 g. Started its activities in June 2007 when it has obtained a license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to conduct security activities.

The main activity of the company "PO" Vityaz "is the provision of protection and support of cargoes, today we are providing protection to accompany goods which are transported across Ukraine by any means of transport.

The personnel of our company has experience in services which are related to the protection of goods, it consists of the most trained health staff. They were employees of special police protection "Titan", who have worked for at least three years and have been specially multilevel training.

Dresses are involved in tracking goods, provided with mobile and radio communications, modern means of protection, firearms and specially equipped road maintenance.

We provide another protection services: physical protection of stationary objects, security events, protection of individuals.

Our employees have and support their physical condition allows us to provide security and safety of goods and objects well.

The company pays the special attention to training of health staff. Monthly our officers are tested by checking their theoretical knowledge, as well as work out tactical actions in case of emergency.

All our customers may be assured that we are real professionals. Our private security company and his staff will be happy to have long-term partnerships, both with individuals and with companies, organizations and institutions of all forms of ownership.

The purpose of our activity is to provide reliable the safety and the security of customers life and business. To do this, we have all the necessary resources, capabilities and experience.


We were chosen because we guard better than others!