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Guarding of public events - a special kind of security services, which requires special training of security team.
Well coordinated work and a clear organization  allow to guarantee peace and security of the participants of various public events. An important factor in guarding such activities is psychological stability and professionalism of security guards, which ensure their capability to resolve any conflicts.

For each event, we work out specific plan of actions and deployment of posts. Guarding strategy is worked out according to the tasks which the organizer sets (passing system, order maintaining, guarding perimeter, work by sectors, security of passageways and driveways).

Our workers got specialized training (psychology, medical care, work in extreme conditions).

We guard:
• Exhibition Centers
• Seminars, international tournaments and sport events
• Holiday activities all, weddings, graduation parties and banquets
• Presentations and corporate events
• Concerts, festivals
• City Day
• Filming of television broadcasts and television projects