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 Additional services:
• Guarding of ski depots and other objects;
• Guarding of industrial enterprises;
• Guarding of offices;
• Guarding of banks;
• Guarding of sporting, tourist camps and resorts;
• Guarding of construction projects;
• Guarding of parking lots.

Guarding - is a constant visual (sometimes using technical means) monitoring of the property, which is located at the facility of the enterprise, and rapid response with taking measures according to the situation in order to protect and save the property.

Guard – is a person who guards the post(object) entrusted to him, and protects it from penetration of outsiders and theft according to specific tasks and conditions.
Guard reports directly to the Chief of shift and is in charge of the post.

Providing security services  "Vityaz" fully supplies the guards with uniforms and shoes, technical means of communication, means of protection, special means of self-defense, air and traumatic weapon, and is responsible for training and monitoring the work of the security units.

Delivery of guards to the place of duty is provided by transportation of "Vityaz".